BlasterCard Program FAQs


What is it?
The BlasterCard is the official identification card for the Colorado School of Mines.

Do I need it?

Short Answer:  Absolutely!

Long Answer:  It is the policy of The Colorado School of Mines that each student, Staff member and all Faculty members possess a valid identification card.  This card must be presented upon request by any CSM official.  The BlasterCard is a multi-function ID card.  It employs both a proximity chip and magnetic stripe technology.  The card can be used in conjunction with MINES' access control system, MINES Dining locations, as well as many other functions.  


  1. All meal plans (and accompanying “munch money”) that are available through MINES Dining are accessed with proximitychip inbeded in BlasterCard.  Each Mines Dining location on campus will use your Blastercard to track meal swipes or confirm a “munch money” payment.
  2. Students who reside in one of the Residence Life residence halls use the Blastercard as the “key” that grants admittance to those areas.  The BlasterCard can also be used to gain after-hours entry to certain academic buildings if you have been assigned special access.
  3. Other areas that will require your BlasterCard include The Arthur Lakes Library and The Student Recreation Center.

Staff & Faculty

Faculty and Staff members will need the BlasterCard for building access and for identification when appropriate.