Question Answer Notes
What chemical is used for stench? A. Hydrogen sulfide; B. Monoammonium phosphate; C. Sulfur dioxide; D. Ehtyl mercaptan D. Ethyl mercaptan
Identify what each cap lamp signal communicates: 1. Side to side; 2. Up and down; 3. In a circle 1. Stop; 2. Retreat from me; 3. Come to me
Which is not a form of communication used to assist underground miners on the way out of the mine in case of an emergency? A. Reflective signage; B. Painted yellow arrows; C. Red & green reflectors; D. Frogs B. Painted yellow arrows Frog: a device permitting the wheels on one rail of a track to cross an intersecting rail. In a frog, two rails join to form a point which resembles an arrow. In a mine, this arrow will always point to the way out.
MSHA is to be notified by a surface mine operator in the event that an unplanned fire is not extinguished within how many minutes of discovery? A. 30 minutes; B. Immediately; C. 10 minutes; D. 60 minutes A. 30 minutes For an underground mine, the regulation states that MSHA must be notified within 10 minutes of discovery.
What type of communication is best practice when requesting to approach to pass surface mine mobile equipment? A. Radio clicks; B. Flash head lights; C. Positive radio communication C. Positive radio communication Positive communication includes using equipment numbers to ensure you are speaking to the right piece of equipment and they know they are speaking with the right piece of equipment. Most sites require pickup trucks to have some kind of identifier, which usually means equipment # – example “HT94.” For graders, strobes flashing means “at work” – operator will be looking down, not up at road traffic.
Name four types of communication that are used in metal/nonmetal underground mines. Lamp signals, mine telephones, radios, stench gas, sirens and lights, backup/travel alarms, verbal communication
What do the following horn sounds communicate? 1 honk, 2 honks, 3 honks 1 honk: start up; 2 honks: forward; 3 honks: reverse
Warning signs indicating present hazards must be readily visible, legible, and display what two important pieces of information? The nature of the hazard; any protective action required
To what is ethyl mercaptan added because of its strong smell of rotten eggs? A. Stench gas; B. Gasoline; C. Natural gas; D. Both A & C D. Both A & C
No employees shall be assigned, or allowed, or be required to perform work alone in any area where hazardous conditions exist that would endanger the worker’s safety, unless . . . A. He or she is properly trained; B. He or she can communicate with others, can be heard, or can be seen; C. He or she is fit for duty; D. His or her cries for help can be heard or the employee can be seen B. He or she can communicate with others, can be heard, or can be seen; or D. His or her cries for help can be heard or the employee can be seen Answer B regards Surface mine regulations, while answer D regards Underground mine regulations
List in chronological order the proper steps that should be followed when using a two-way radio. A. Be brief and clear; B. Listen before talking; C. Hold button for one second; D. Ensure on correct channel 1. D. Ensure on correct channel; 2. B. Listen before talking; 3. C. Hold button for one second; 4. A. Be brief and clear
The NFPA Diamond alerts which type of personnel to the potential hazards inside buildings or containers? Emergency
Which is not a form of restricted access communication? A. Orange cones; B. Red “danger” tape; C. “Danger Confined Space” signage; D. “No Smoking No Open Flame” signage D. “No Smoking No Open Flame” signage
What two actions must miners follow when a Mayday is called out over the radio? Maintain radio silence; pull over to safe location/stop work
This is a reliable warning system designed for use in underground mines when alarms cannot be heard. Stench gas
True or false: When you arrive on site, you must check in.



Signs shall _______. A. Be clean/legible; B. Remain undamaged; C. Identify potential hazards; D. Be visible for all sizes of vehicle; E. All of the above E. All of the above
What does moving your cap lamp side to side mean? A. Come to me; B. Stop; C. Go away; D. None of the above B. Stop
Which of the following is nota common method of underground communication? A. Femco phone; B. Leaky feeder radio; C. Camp lamp signals; D. Hard line communication reel D. Hard line communication reel
True or false: Communication between haul truck drivers is discouraged because it is distracting. False
True or false: On a mine site, two-way radio style communication is the only type of communication you should use. False
True or false: The process of communication for surface and underground mines are different. True