Hierarchy of Controls


Question Answer Notes
Which control measure isolates people from the hazard? A. Elimination; B. Substitution; C. Engineering; D. Administrative; E. PPE C. Engineering  
What are the five levels of the Hierarchy of Controls? Elimination; substitution; engineering; administrative; PPE  
What type of control Is machine guarding? Engineering  
You are working in a noisy environment and your boss rotates you and another employee so you are not overexposed. Which control method does this represent? Administrative  
True or false: The most effective option in the Hierarchy of Controls is Engineering. False The most effective control is Elimination. With an Engineering control, the hazard is still present.
You are cleaning equipment with a noxious chemical that requires you to wear a respirator. Your supervisor wants to buy a new piece of equipment that does not require this cleaning process, but it is very expensive. The boss found a less hazardous cleaning chemical, but it doesn’t work as well. These two options represent which two controls from the Hierarchy of Controls? Elimination and Substitution