Question Answer Notes
What protective clothing is required while welding? A. Hard hat; B. Fire resistant clothing; C. Reflective clothing; D. Tinted glasses B. Fire resistant clothing  
The sudden bright flash that occurs when arc welding can severely damage your __________. A. Eyes; B. Ears; C. Skin; D. It does not cause damage A. Eyes  
Which of the following are the inherent dangers of welding? A. Fire; B. Metal fumes; C. Toxic gases/vapors; D. Flash; E. Electrocution; F. All of the above F. All of the above  
What welding gas has the largest flammable range? A. Oxygen; B. Methanol; C. Nitrogen; D. Acetylene D. Acetylene  
What part of the body is the most sensitive and subject to injury from an arc-welding flash? A. The fingers; B. The eyes; C. The ears; D. The lips B. The eyes  
Best practice requires a fire watch for welding operations. How long must the fire watch remain at the site of the operations? A. During welding and 30 minutes before; B. During welding and up to 3 hours afterward; C. Before welding and afterward for 1 hour; D. During welding and for 1 hour afterward D. During welding and for 1 hour afterward  
The release of thermal energy from an arc flash is measured using what unit? A. Calories per square centimeter; B. Miles per hour; C. Feet per second; D. Decibels A. Calories per square centimeter  
When welding, what is the biggest factor affecting health risk? A. The welding method; B. The filler materials and base metals; C. Ventilation; D. Paints or other coatings on the metals being welded C. Ventilation  
True or false: When welding, the only hazard you have to worry about is the fumes and gases. False  
True or false: If you are working in the room with someone welding, you should be wearing most of the same PPE as the welder. True  
What piece of PPE is mssing from this standard list of PPE that welders should wear? Welding gloves, leather apron, safety glasses, required respirator Welding helmet Safety glasses alone are inadequate protection