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SME Webinar: Energy Wheel Framework for Hazard Recognition in Mining

Presented by Lori Guasta, Ph.D.

Research has found that, on average, individuals recognize only 45% of hazards in their work environment. A tool focused on 10 sources of energy (i.e., the “energy wheel”) has recently proven to be useful in improving workers’ ability to recognize hazards in construction (Hallowell, 2020). The EMCIS program at the Colorado School of Mines received a grant from MSHA to evaluate the use of energy-based hazard recognition training in mining. This webinar will provide an overview of this applied training research project and present the energy wheel framework as a tool for improving hazard recognition in mining. Examples of the EMCIS training will be provided, as well as information about how to incorporate the energy wheel framework in existing training programs.

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SME Webinar: Incorporating Games in Part 48 Training

Presented by David R. Lauriski, M.A.

Can safety training be both fun and effective? Required safety training, while important, can often be considered boring, tedious, and ineffective. But trainers can maximize the effectiveness of their safety training by embracing approaches that enhance engagement and knowledge retention. In other words, they can make it fun. Research shows that participation and interaction lead to better learning outcomes, and today, the use of games or game concepts in training situations is becoming more popular as a way to engage trainees, no matter their age or background. In this webinar, David will provide an overview of gamification—the incorporation of games or game mechanics into learning situations. The webinar will outline the many benefits of using games as a training method, including best practices and potential challenges, along with examples of gamification in the workplace, as well as overviews of the games used by the EMCIS Program in Part 48 training at the Colorado School of Mines.

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SME Webinar: Management of Change

Presented by Whitney Derber, CSP

Sometimes misunderstood and often under-utilized, Change Management or Management of Change (MOC) is process to help guide critical risk management. When effectively implemented, MOC can help prevent the potential for unintended consequences such as new hazards to arise as a result of planned changes. This webinar is meant for a wide audience: those new to the MOC concept will learn the basics including advice on how to get started and get buy-in from management, as well as, to those looking for a fresh perspective that may help them better promote and/or improve their existing MOC process. Examples will be shared highlighting real life successes and challenges experienced by the speaker and her peers in the mining industry.

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SME Webinar: Interactive tools for hazard recognition

Presented by Brianna Eiter, Ph.D. & Lori Guasta, Ph.D.

Hazard recognition is a critically important skill for worker safety and health. During this training session, trainees will search for hazards in different mine site locations. After searching through all of the worksites, trainees will debrief their experience with trainers and discuss hazards that were found and missed. Finally, the group will discuss potential ways hazards are mitigated at their worksite and share strategies for examining the workplace.